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The Nest Tobago Apartments
Sugar Mill drive
Old Grange


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I would like to thank you for a truly amazing stay at your villa. It was my first time going to Tobago, and was the first time my girlfriend and I had a vacation. Well firstly the room was clean, well furnished, kitchen was neat and tidy had everything we needed, the bathroom was perfect and clean we also had internet access, cable and ac.  Mr Mirko was on time and he's amazing goes head and toe in with u (keep him). The view is amazing what makes it better is you don't need to leave the room to get it, you can just open the window in the kitchen and there you go. We were really really impressed with how clean the place was. The vegetation outside was amazing. Everything was either walking distance or driving distance and it was just 5 tt dollars. We couldn't complain even if i wanted to. " The Nest" is amazing hands down and I am pretty sure we will be staying there again. [Gregory Bunting - TT ]


Hi Antonella, i got through with a car tanks, was very hard finding one to rent especially at that time when we looking for one to rent but everything work out accordingly, and let me take this opportunity to thank for the wonderful accomodation that was lending to us, Juliet wow, is amazing her personality is very commendable the place was well accomodative and the environment peaceful and quiet. A job well done and Juliet took good care of us which was very appreciative, so thanks again for everything and looking forward to staying in the Nest Apt again. Thanks much. [Sherry Ann Popwell - TT]


Dear Antonella We do apologize for taking so long to let you know of our stay at The Nest. Thank you for allowing us to come. We enjoyed the time very much' (all of us)' the service was excellent, the rooms were very clean and comfortable and we lacked nothing that one could desire on a vacation away from home. Even having the use of the Internet was great. A very special hello to Juliet. Hope you will allow us to stay at your place again. All the best for the New Year. Crystal, Dad, Mom, and my sister, Faith. [Crystal Weston - TT]


We really enjoyed our time at the nest. Everything was found to be just as advertised. Clean, well furnished, Internet service, excellent maid service, (Hats off to Juliet). You will not be disappointed.The view is lovely, don't forget to walk with your binoculars. About the location - there is the echo of the traffic passing in the roadway below, but after a while you get accustomed to it.The hostess, Ms. Antonella is very accomodating. Don't hesitate to enquire if you are looking for a place to spend your holiday. [Tripadvisor review - ]


Hello Antonella, I thoroughly enjoyed my stay and Juliet is the best. I am accessing Wifi in front of the gate as I sit in my car at the moment. Perhaps moving the router to a central location may help in receiving in all the rooms. Thanks again for offering a serene and beautiful location to spend some time for rest and relaxation.Regards, Dianne [Dianne Douglas - TT ]


My stay at the nest was wonderful. The place was so peaceful and calm and I didn't want to leave, but i had to bear in mind that I have work the next morning. I told my friends that i really like the place, so i want to celebrate my birthday in tobago. Please express my heartfelt thank you to Ms. Juliette she was such a very nice and caring person, although i didn't get to meet her, hopefully i get to meet her when i come back. Also my friend Shervon most likely will want to bring his brothers when he gets back from Canada so i'll keep you posted. My stay was truly nice. Will make contact to make arrangements for my next booking as it comes closer. Thank You again. [Nisha Sookdeo-Boirot, TT ]


Hello again Antonella! A bit late, I know, but here are a few lines on our stay at the Nest. We had a really great time at The Nest, we loved the apartment, the terrace and the view. We also had all the things we needed to cook and prepare breakfast, and we also apreciated the parking space for our rental car and it worked out fine with our fifth travel companion. There was some confusion when we arrived, Mr Mirko was not there to meet us and we had to wait for quite some time, and he also had the wrong information on when we were supposed to check out. But all of this was sorted out and he was really helpful arranging with taxi to the airport, storage of luggage and even a ride to get groceries. All in all we loved the week at The Nest. Having a rental car was crucial, but having one it was easy to get around and enjoy the southern part of Tobago. I'd be happy to recommend the Nest to friends and to come back myself someday!I hope all is well with you Antonella, and that we might meet someday. Until then, take care!   [Rasmus Almerud, Sweden ]


Dear Antonella, We stayed with you during Newyears, two couples from Sweden, and are very satisfied with our stay. Fantastic place. It so happens that my partner forgot her bikini there. A black bikini. If you have found it, would you be able to post it? We can pay you in advance if that would work? Sincerely André [Andre Sandiford, Sweeden]


Dear Antonella, I just wanted to say that i had a lovely 3 days at The Nest, it rained most of the time and that was exactly what i needed to stay indoors and sleep. Mirko and Juliet were extremely helpful and i could not have asked for a better vacation, the apartments are beautiful....Thanks again and i will return. Thank you and take care [Marsha Cross-Daly, TT]


Hi Antonella now got some time to send you back an email about our stay at The Nest in Tobago sorry for the late reply just wanted to say thank you so much for giving us that opportunity to stay at The Nest we had a great time , the place was so beautiful, the view was amazing ,we had a blast and most of all we had a wonderful time with your care taker Ms.Juliette she is such a nice person. It was worth the trip coming to Tobago and definitely we will choose the Nest when we visit Tobago again. Thanks Antonella for everything and you will surely hear from us again in the future.Thank You [Mariah Maharaj, TT ]


Hi antonella, unfortunately I`m only sign today. Of everyday life has caught up with me again, but i had been living the best days of my vacation and will return with safety tab again. The land, people and nature were unique, very friendly and beautiful. Thanks again for the wonderful accommodation, which was just perfect. Juliet and Mirko were always very friendly and helpful. I will therefore travel with security tab again and I look forward to when I should return my pitch tents "in the nest". Many, many thanks for everything. Best regards Oli P.S.: Best wishes also to Juliet and Mirko!!! [Oliver Rieth, Germany]


Hi Antonella, How are you? Just wanted to drop a few lines and let you know we had an amazing time at the place, we loved the openess, and the views , everything was just wonderful...we'd love to come back...take care and all the best for the season... [Carol Rampersad -TT]


Antonella, Just a quick note to tell you what a fantastic holiday we had in Tobago. Your house was delightful and just in the right location away from the holiday resorts. Your staff kept the place in such good order the gardens were lovely and the arpartment was spotlessley clean, well done Juilette. Karen was very helpful collecting us an then going to Penny Savers. We hired a car and saw all of the island, did some fishing and John went to the forest. People were so friendly every where we went. Thank you again, we hope to return to Tobago some time in the future. Happy Christmas [Gill & John - USA]


Hi... just want to say thanks again for the opportunity to stay at the Nest, as usually it was very nice..i must say i enjoyed my time there. you will be hearing from me again soon.. bye. The Nest is still hands down the best guest house i've stayed at in Tobago..... whats not to love about it..if you dont believe me go see for your self [Dovicia Snagg -TT]


Hello Ms Antonella, thank you for the great experience, your warmth and friendly personality. Your apts are beautiful, you will definitely see me again.    [Dovicia Snagg - TT]


Antonella, We are back home safely, thank you for your warm hospitality and accommodation, it was great and well worth it. Hope to see you soon. Bye,and thanks again, Colleen and Kerry [Colleen Skeete - TT]


I really can't thank you enough for having us over there. i was so comfortable and can't stop telling my family how nice it was. so i will get online a little later and write my testimonial. i'm packing to go to Miami lol. yes another flight i have to catch. but thank you so much and i have to e mail you the details abut our next trip. the date and all of that. Thank you and Keep safe. Kerdine & Andrew. [Kerdine Brown, TT]


Thank you Antonella, We had a wonderful time. Your renovations to Apt 2 are fantastic, makes  all the difference in the world.  We mostly lived outside (Albert brough  down the charcoal grill, but we unfortunately never used it).  Juliette was very helpful & lovely.  Mirko arranged for a Jeep w/Sherman's & another person to pick up us @ airport. Thank you. Our Jeep was making scary brake noises coming back from Englishman's  Bay-Sherman's exchanged it for another very graciously.  We sat in the    sun for the two coldest weeks in Boston.  (Having cable TV was very nice  too-we knew how cold it was @ home & watched the  Innaugration of President Obama.) We seldom vacation the same place more than twice, but we love Tobago & your house, so hopefully we'll be back next year. Thank you, Maryann Sudmier [Maryann Sudmier - USA]


Hi Antonella, I have just come back from Tobago, and just wanted to say thanks, I really enjoyed my stay at your apartment, I enjoyed being up among the birds, and I love your dog! I saw her every day and she kept me company. Please also say thanks to Mirko, he was very helpful and looked after me well. Towards the end of my stay he was away so I didn't get the chance to see him and say thanks. Best regards, Vanessa. [Vanessa Webster - UK]


Good day. We have just arrived back to the UK after our Tobago trip. Thank you very much for allocating to us the 2 bed room apartment. This apartment was even more enjoyable than the apartment we had last year. Please thank Marko for me for collecting us at the airport. Antonella, you have lovely apartments. I hope you continue to provide these lovely facilities. Thank you for making our stay in Tobago more enjoyable. Have a good day. [Cliff - UK ]


Antonella Happy New Year. It is such a pity but friends are coming in for that time but if something changes be sure to call me. Any recommendations for a substitute though that is hard. The nest is so wonderful. Best Regards. Sean [Sean Victor - TnT ]


Hello To The Nest and it's Family, I just had to send you these pictures.We are proud grandparents again. They are so precious. I certainly enjoyed my stay at your place in Tobago in December/06. Please pass on a BIG HELLO to Juliet and Albert at The Nest. They were both so kind to me during my stay there. I certainly miss the warm weather that Tobago had while I was on vacation. I hope to return some day. Harold and Heather Hopp. [Harold Hopp - UK ]