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The Nest Tobago Apartments
Sugar Mill drive
Old Grange


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Bandiera Trinidad and Tobago

Weather: Tropical
Temperature: 32° C
Language: English
Currency: TT$, Trinidad & Tobago dollar (1US$ = 6,7TT)
Local time: (GMT): (GMT-4) winter, (GMT-5) summer
Low Season: 1May/30Nov
High season: 1Dec/30Apr
Country tel. code +1(868)



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It is possible to reach Trinidad from Tobago using quite an efficient ferry boat service.

Recently a new fast ferry boat has been introduced, giving passengers from Tobago the possibility to reach Port of Spain, in Trinidad, in about 2 and half hours. 

The normal ferry usually takes 5 to 6 hours to get to Port of Spain.

Contact the Port Authority at + 868 639-2417 in Tobago  or  +868 625-1659 in Trinidad  or visit  the website  at  to book on line directly.





  • Bird Watchers, Speyside
  • Cafe Coco, Crown Point;
  • Cappuccino Bar, Charlotteville
  • House of Pancakes, Bon Accord,  Milford Road
  • Jemma’s treehouse restaurant. Speyside.
  • Kariwak Hotel at Crown Point; Tel:  + 1(868)639-8545; Fax: +1 868 639-8441; E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • La Cantina pizzeria - Milford Road Store Bay, Rbtt Compound - Tel: +1(868) 639-8242 or +1(868) 685-3487 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • La Tartaruga, Buccoo Tel: +1(868)639 0940; Fax: +1(868)639-5482
  • Papillon Chinese Restaurant, Auchenskeoch Road, Old Grange  Tel. +1(868)639-9941
  • Patino’s Courtyard Cafè  Shirvan Road - Buccoo  Tel. +1(868)639-9481
  • Salsa Kitchen, Scarborough  Pump Mill Road,  Phone:  +1(868)639-1522
  • Sharon & Pheb's, Charlotteville
  • Shore Things Cafe & Craft,  25 Old Milford Rd, Lambeau, Phone: +1(868 ) 635- 1072. Open Mon. to Sat. from 10am to 6pm. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • The Seahorse - Grafton Beach Road - Tel: +1(868) 639-0686, Fax: +1(868) 639-0057
  • Vibes Sports Bar & Grill - Auchenskeoch Buccoo Bay Rd, Old Grange
  • Cafe Down Low - Buccoo Main Rd, Buccoo, Tel +1 868-475-0240
  • Revs - Shirvan Rd, Buccoo, Trinidad e Tobago - Tel +1 868-639-9792
  • The Pasta Gallery - Pigeon Point Rd, Crown Point, Trinidad e Tobago - Tel +1 868-727-8200 - 
  • Moon Over Water Bar - Pleasant Prospect - Tel +1 868 709 9698 -
  • The Fish Pot - Grafton House, Pleasant Prospect - Tel +1 868-635-1728 
  • Legger's Restaurant and Bar - Shirvan Rd - Pleasant Prospect - Tel +1 868-395-2740  
  • Edge Of The Reef - Shirvan Rd - Pleasant Prospect - Tel +1 868-703-9478 
  • Pavillion - Black Rock - Tel +1 868 639 0361
  • Waves - Old Grafton Road - Black Rock - Tel +1 868-639-4369 - 
  • Jade Monkey Casino Bar and Grill - Milford Rd - Crown Point - Tel +1 868-631-0044 - 
  • Il Portico Pizzeria - Pigeon Point Rd - Crown Point - Tel +1 868-356-4911
  • Honeys Restaurant - 19 Roberts Branch Trace, (Entrance Is From Community Lane), Mount Pleasant - Tel +1 868-298-5249
  • Rena Chatack - Roti Shop - Scarborough - Tel +1 868-635-7684 
  • Bar Code - Milford Road - Scarborough - Tel +1 868-733-2633 
  • Cafe Mia Italian Restaurant - 4 Hibiscus Drive, Hampden Rd, Lowlands - Tel +1 868-683-6909 
  • Crafters Stake House and Grill - Old Store Bay Rd - Crown Point 



  • High protection factor sun care lotions
  • Mosquito spray
  • Plug Adaptor (american type)  110/220 W 60 hz
  • Battery charger for your mobile phone or camera
  • Driving licence
  • Passport
  • Sun glasses
  • Hat
  • Binoculars
  • Camera
  • Summer clothes, a pair of long pants, a long sleeved shirt for your forest tours.



From The Nest, a  fifteen-minute walk will take you to Grange Bay and its limpid waters; just relax there.

After a few hours you may feel like trying something different; well, behind the beach, just across the road, you can join the golfers at the Mt Irvine Golf Club.

Don’t like golf? No problem! In five minutes you can walk from Grange Bay towards Mt Irvine beach: here you can find a nice restaurant on the beach offering local spicy food.

Just outside the restaurant, you can buy some real fresh fish for your BBQ at home. The fishermen bring their catch ashore twice a day and it will cost you just a few pence. For a small extra you can have it cleaned and cut as you like.

Your day out is nearly over and you can’t wait to cook your tasty fish and washed down with a chilled Carib. However before you leave the beach, don’t forget to apply a suitable mosquito repellent to your skin.

Sunset is early, at about 6,30 pm and it gets dark quickly; better to go home, but if you don’t feel like walking, then stand by the side of the road, wave at the passing cars and stop a taxi (look for the H on the number plate); it will take you to the nearest point home for a few TT dollars.

It’s as easy as that.



On land:

  • Don’t leave rubbish in the forest or on the beaches
  • Don’t throw stubs, they are a fire hazard
  • Don’t damage nature in the forest or at the water falls
  • Don’t disturb wild life and keep the right distance away.

In the sea:

  • Don’t touch or damage corals on the reef
  • Don’t kill turtles, disturb their nests or damage their eggs
  • Don’t touch mantas
  • If you see any environment or wildlife abuse, please inform the police or relevant authorities.

In restaurants and shops:

  • Don’t eat wild meat or turtle meat (even if they tell you there is plenty of it)
  • Don’t buy black coral or turtle objects



  • Sunshine: It is very strong even if the sky is cloudy; protect yourself with a HPF sun care lotions;
  • Hiv/AIDS:  Be responsible and take precautions. AIDS here is wide spread.
  • Drugs: Any drug (even a minimum amount) is illegal. Any breach of the law is severely punished.
  • Mosquitos and Sand Flies: use a good mosquito repellent and apply it regularly early in the morning and late afternoon, especially during the rainy season (June -December).
  • There are no vaccination requirements for entry to TnT. Tobago Hospital facilities are quite limited; it is advisable for visitors to get an adequate medical insurance.



  • Don’t give a lift to strangers
  • Don’t wear valuables or take too much money with you, credit cards are accepted everywhere
  • Don’t forget to shut doors and windows when going out
  • Don’t walk alone along dark lonely roads
  • Don’t give anybody information about your address in Tobago

Tobago people are very helpful and friendly, but traditional; so always wear a T-shirt in public places and never go around in just your swimwear.

Going topless and nudism are not allowed on the beach.

Respect these simple rules to enjoy the local life style.

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